EDyP-service request procedure

  1. We want to provide our clients with relevant results. To guarantee this, some requirements and quality criteria have been defined for each of the key steps in the service offered.
  2. Before sending us your samples for analysis, please contact us either directly, or via the ProFI website http://ec.profiproteomics.fr/mobile/. You will be able to present your project, and we can assess the feasibility of the analyses and determine the most appropriate strategy to adopt. If the project is accepted, we will provide you with a quote. This is accepted by signing it and returning an order form.
  3. We ask you to adhere strictly to the recommendations in the guide for sample preparation. This guarantees optimal sample treatment and improves the relevance of your results by limiting contamination of samples and ensuring their conservation.
  4. Once forwarded to us, your samples enter into our quality-assured treatment process.
  5. After validation, results are returned to you in the form of Excel tables containing the relevant information. Of course, if you have problems to interpret your results, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you deciding on the best validation strategy, and what could be the next steps in your project.
  6. We protect service project’s confidentiality from the outside of EDyP team.  For any presentation by an EDyP member of the results obtained in a service project, a written agreement will be requested.

You can find the general terms and conditions of sale on the CEA web site or by contacting us.

Sample preparation

Compliance to the Sample Preparation Guide by the applicant.
Storage by our laboratory in the best conditions.
Registration with a unique identifier and traceability of the samples via our LIMS (ePIMS).
Automation of the processing of samples through the robot.

Sample analysis

Analysis of peptides through mass spectrometers coupled with Nano LC.
Performance of scpectrometers inspected daily.
Identification of peptides and proteins via the software Mascot.
Validation of the identification results via the software Proline.
Quantitation of proteins via the software Proline or MaxQuant.
Differential analysis and statistical study via the software ProStaR.
Follow-up of the international journals guidelines in proteomics.

Results report

Presentation of the results in Excel tables.
Reading Guide provided to the customer to facilitate the understanding of the tables.
Availability of EDyP Service for any question about the results, their valorisation, or the continuation of the project.