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Inventors: Patrice CAILLAT, Anne-Gaëlle BOURDAT, Virginie BRUN, Benoît GILQUIN

Abstract: The invention relates to a device for preparing a blood sample, including a microfluidic card (C) comprising: a first chamber (1, 1′, 10, 10′, 100) for separating and/or extracting proteins to be analysed that are present in the blood sample; a second chamber (2, 24, 30, 30′, 400) used for an operation involving the digestion of proteins of different species that are present in the sample, in order to obtain a second sample containing digested peptides and non-digested proteins; and a third chamber (3, 3′, 40, 40′, 500) connected to the second chamber such as to receive the second sample containing the digested peptides and the non-digested proteins, said third chamber being used for an operation involving the purification and stabilisation of the digested peptides.


Inventors: Jérôme GARIN, Christophe MASSELON, Antonia VLAHOU, Manousos MAKRYDAKIS, Ieronimos ZOIDAKIS, Bruno DOMON, Elodie DURIEZ, Aurélie KAMOUN, François RADVANYI, Yves ALLORY, Nuria MALATS RIERA

Abstract: The invention relates to a collection of signature peptides representing at least 10 proteins for use in cancer diagnosis and/or prognosis, to an artificial protein comprising signature peptides representing at least 10 proteins and to a nucleic acid construct encoding for such an artificial protein. The invention further relates to a collection of at least 10 proteins for use in cancer diagnosis and/or prognosis. Additionally, the invention relates to a method for cancer diagnosis and/or prognosis comprising the step of analyzing at least 10 proteins in a urine sample of a subject. Finally, the invention relates to an immunoassay product comprising antibodies for detecting at least 10 proteins.

WO/2017/121974: Process for in vitro diagnosis of hepatic disorders

Inventors: Virginie BRUN, Jérôme GARIN, Christophe BRULEY, Jamila FAIVRE, Jean-Pierre ZARSKI, Vincent LEROY

Abstract: Process for in vitro diagnosis and/or monitoring and/or prognosis and/or theranosis of hepatic disorders from a biological sample originating from a subject, in which process the presence and/or the concentration of the marker ADH1B (SEQ ID NO.2) and/or the presence and/or the concentration of the combination of the markers ADH1B (SEQ ID NO.2) and ADH1A(SEQ ID NO.1) is determined.


Inventors: Sébastien HENTZ, Christophe MASSELON

Abstract: PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an efficient system in which all components are in proximity, by combining a device for injecting neutral and/or ionized species, a guidance device and an NEMS type detector.SOLUTION: A device for determining the mass of a particle in a suspension or in solution in a liquid comprises: a first device 2 for nebulization of a liquid 4 to obtain a flux comprising at least the particle; a second device 6 for guidance and aerodynamic focusing of the flux; and a third device 12 for determining the mass of the particle by frequency measurement, the third device comprising at least one gravimetric detector 14 arranged opposite an outlet of the second device in order to receive the particle.

WO/2013/104688: CYCLON expression for the identification and control of cancer cells


Abstract: The present invention concerns a method for the identification of the presence or absence of cancer cells in a biological sample, more particularly a method for the identification of the susceptibility or resistance to a treatment with CD20 agonists of cancer cells in a biological sample, said methods comprising determining the level of expression of the gene Cyclon in said cells and comparing said level of expression to the level of expression in a non-cancer cell, wherein a level of expression higher than the level of expression in a non-cancer cell is an indication of the presence of a cancer cell, more particularly an indication of cancer cells with a resistance to treatment with antagonists. The invention also concerns kits for the determination of a level of expression of the Cyclon gene in a biological sample, a method for the identification of Cyclon expression antagonists, as well as methods for treating patients in need thereof with CD20 agonists when the patients are identified to be susceptible to such a treatment and/or treating patients in need thereof with a combination of a Cyclon inhibitor and a CD20 agonists.

WO/2008/145763: Method for absolute quantification of polypeptides

PCT1/IB2007/053424 and PCT2/EP2008/056795
Inventors: Virginie BRUN, Alain DUPUIS , Jérôme GARIN

Abstract: The present invention relates to a method for absolute quantification of polypeptides.

WO/2004/001050: Plastidial targeting peptide

PCT/FR03/01877 (2003-06-18) International extension
Inventors : Stéphane MIRAS, Daniel SALVI, Norbert ROLLAND, Jacques JOYARD, Myriam FERRO, Jérôme GARIN, Didier GRÜNWALD

Abstract: The invention relates to a non-cleavable, plastidial targeting polypeptide derived from a protein from the inner membrane of plant chloroplasts. Said peptide is particularly suitable for importing proteins on interest in plants.