Quality at EDyP

 To improve how Research and Development activities are organised in the laboratory, and to guarantee our collaborators and partners reliable and relevant methods and results, the laboratory implemented a quality approach. This led to ISO 9001 certification of the EDyP laboratory in July 2009 and NF X50-900 certification in September 2014 . To direct the efforts of this approach and motivate participants, the management adopted a quality policy which is adapted to the laboratory’s strategy.

Management of, and by, quality is an engagement to:
– optimise how the laboratory works: better organisation, uniformity of methods, etc.
– manage skills appropriately: maintain knowledge and know-how, recognition, etc.
– take in hand our equipment: checks using standards, technology watch to remain abreast of new developments, etc.
– ensure data and information relating to analyses and research projects as a whole remain traceable
– provide funding organisations, in particular, with good visibility and transparency
– take the needs of our partners into account.

In addition, the ISO 9001 norm requires continuous improvement, which maintains a positive dynamic, through continued assessment of efficacy. This provides the laboratory with the necessary reactivity to progress in a constantly evolving discipline.