Evaluation/Quantification of biomarkers

PSAQ™ Project: Development and industrial transfer of the PSAQ™ method, an innovative proteomics method for biomarker quantification

Coordinator: Virginie BRUN (EDyP)

EDyP correspondent: Virginie Brun

Funded by: ANR Emergence, GRAVIT, PRIME-XS, CEA TechnoSanté, Région Rhône-Alpes
Methods relying on mass spectrometry analysis for quantification of proteins in biologically relevant samples have been developed recently. In 2007, we invented the PSAQ™ method (Protein Standard Absolute Quantification) to allow MS-based absolute protein quantification in complex biological samples. In August 2010, we created the spin-off Promise Advanced Proteomics http://www.promise-proteomics.com/, exploiting our main methodological developments under licence.

The PSAQ™ method is based on adding isotopically labelled recombinant proteins, known as PSAQ™ standards, to the samples studied. This approach has been used to determine the concentrations of target biomarker proteins in biological fluids (plasma, urine). Thanks to recent methodological developments, several projects assaying biomarkers have been completed, including a project to develop and validate a multiplex assay for five serum biomarkers of myocardial infarction (CardioPSAQ™), and a project to develop an extremely sensitive serum assay for a staphylococcal toxin, present at levels below ng/mL.