Discovery of biomarkers

DECanBIO Project: Discover and Evaluate Cancer biomarkers

Coordinator: Jérôme Garin (EDyP)

EDyP correspondent: Christophe Masselon (EDyP)

Funded by: Projet Européen FP7 (HEALTH)
The DECanBio project aims to develop and apply an innovative strategy for the discovery and validation of protein biomarkers. Our approach is based on the use of novel advanced mass spectrometry methods for quantitative analysis of proteins. The pilot problem chosen was the early detection of bladder cancer based on proteins present in urine. The DECanBio consortium groups together the efforts of seven partners: two clinical research institutes, a public health establishment, three proteomics laboratories, and two industrial partners. The partnership extends across five European countries. The project is divided into three phases: discovery of candidate biomarkers by multiple methodological approaches (in particular the AMT method) in a large multicentre cohort; qualification of candidate biomarkers by a targeted proteomics method (SRM); verification of the qualified candidates on a second, larger cohort, including patients with diseases which could be confused with bladder cancer.